Terminator Salvation

Action adventure based on the Hollywood


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Action adventure based on the Hollywood blockbuster.

Terminator Salvation was developed by Halcyon Games and released in 2009, coinciding with the release of the film of the same name. However, the events in the video game take place after Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines and approximately two years before the film version of Terminator Salvation.

A third-person shooter, which places a strong emphasis on team work, the game puts the player in control of the main character in the film, John Connor, future leader of the Resistance. Throughout the game, he battles against enemies from Skynet, aided by a team of allies. So does the game go down as a hit or a miss?


The core gameplay in Terminator Salvation is fairly standard for a game of its type, requiring players to take cover behind objects, keep moving and make intelligent use of their weapons and team mates. An optional co-operative multi-player mode gives the second player control of another character from the film, female ally Blair Williams.

Positive aspects of the gameplay include intelligent enemy AI and the cover system, which actually works extremely well. Unfortunately, online gameplay is not supported and the main game only takes around four hours to complete. Moreover, it offers little in the way of replay value, due to a lack of collectables, side missions or achievements.

Presentation Problems

When it comes to the presentation of Terminator Salvation, its character models and scenery look quite impressive. However, the cut scenes look very ordinary, the story is uninspiring and the lead actor from the film, Christian Bale, refused to lend either his voice or likeness to the game, which is a fairly major problem.

Instead, Connor is voiced by British voice actor Gideon Emery, who does a perfectly good job, but is unable to fill the superstar void left by Bale. On the plus side, two stars from the film do provide voice over work for their characters - Moon Bloodgood as Blair Williams and the rapper Common as Barnes.

Ultimately, Terminator Salvation feels like a game which could have been much better. There are some strong gameplay elements on offer and graphics are decent overall, but these plus points are negated by a missing leading man, a complete lack of replay value and a main game mode which can be completed in a few short hours.


  • Several gameplay elements, such as the cover system, work very well
  • Enemy AI is genuinely impressive


  • Far too short, with the main story lasting around four hours
  • No online game modes whatsoever
  • Absence of Christian Bale's voice or likeness spoil the movie tie-in
  • Lack of side missions, unlockable achievements or collectables
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